Let the Music Tell the Story

    Farrel  Hutchinson is a multi-talented musician based out of the Tri-State area of New Jersey and New York. Having been a musician for fifteen years, Farrel grew up within a musical family and got his start at a young age, first learning piano before branching out to other instruments. As his love of music grew he committed his time learning a variety of instruments including violin, harp, trumpet, and clarinet. He has also completed seven years of classical music training and has been fully immersed in furthering his musical studies, Farrel has dedicated his life to honing his musical skills and knowledge, and this dedication shows through in his work.

    Currently, Farrel embraces the piano as his primary instrument and is musical director in his band Nothing But Velvet, performing anything from pop and jazz music to cultural music and gospel. He prides himself on his versatility as an artist, and the ability this gives him to perform with a broader grasp of music on the whole. 

    Believing in the power of music to both bring people together as well as change lives, Farrell’s work means everything to him. Music offers him an outlet through which to express his emotions, be they sadness or joy, and it has become an essential part of who he is. He understands the transformative power of music and strives to share his enthusiasm with his audience and to be the most effective and impactful musician that he can be.

     To follow along with his journey and for regularly updated posts of original arrangements and remixes of popular songs, he can be found on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook under Farrel "FChocSmooth" Hutchinson. 


Farrel hutchinson

“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water.” — Ray Charles


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