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Who We Are

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Farrel Hutchinson Music was founded by Farrel Hutchinson, a musician and entrepreneur with a passion for music and a desire to share it with others. He started the company with the goal of bringing the joy of music to as many people as possible, and quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality music and delivering exceptional live performances.

One of the highlights at Farrel Hutchinson Music is the band Nothing but Velvet, a culturally diverse group of musicians with high caliber talent. Led by Farrel himself, this band brings a fresh and exciting sound to the music scene, and their catchy grooves and electrifying stage presence has made them crowd favorites. The members of Nothing but Velvet are proud to represent their diverse cultural backgrounds, and they used their platform to celebrate and showcase the unique talents and perspectives of people from all walks of life. Our music is a melting pot of styles and influences, and this diversity is part of what makes us so appealing to audiences.

As the company grew, Farrel remained dedicated to creating extraordinary musical experiences for his audiences. He continually searched for new and innovative ways to bring the joy of music to more and more people, and his hard work paid off. Today, Farrel Hutchinson Music is a thriving entertainment company, known for its commitment to cultural diversity and its ability to bring the magic of music to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Making Music

Our Mission

What We’re All About

At Farrel Hutchinson Music, our mission is to produce and perform musical experiences that inspire and connect people of all backgrounds. We strive to bring the magic of music to audiences everywhere, fostering a shared love for the arts and a sense of community through our live performances and production. 

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Our Inspirational History

Our Beginnings

The story of Farrel Hutchinson Music begins with a group of dedicated musicians who wanted to create a truly authentic and meaningful musical experience. They believed that the use of real instruments and vocals was the key to creating music that was true to the art form, and that this would allow the audience to fully connect with and feel the music. With this in mind, they began to perform and produce music that was true to their vision. Over time, they gained a reputation for producing music that was both genuine and emotionally resonant. Farrel is passionate about sharing this experience with audiences everywhere, believing in the power of music to both bring people together as well as change lives.

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