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Nothing But Velvet is a musical band that specializes in providing the perfect soundtrack for your special events. Whether you're planning a beautiful wedding celebration, a stylish corporate function, or a private gathering, Nothing But Velvet is the perfect choice. Our talented musicians know how to create the perfect atmosphere and provide just the right music to make your event unforgettable. With a repertoire that includes classic hits, modern pop songs, and everything in between, we are able to cater to the musical tastes of any audience. So if you're looking for a musical band that will elevate your event and make it truly unforgettable, look no further than Nothing But Velvet.


  • Unlimited consultations to discuss music preferences and design your personal playlist!

  • PA system with a wireless microphone for MC and toasts.

  • Transportation Expenses(General NY/NJ Tristate area). 

  • Background Music During Band Breaks 


Velvet Experience

7 Piece Band 
Get ready to experience the ultimate party with a sizzling 8 piece band! High-energy  electrifying sounds, Dance Floor lighting and pulse-pounding beats all night long. From the Dynamic vocals, dancing saxophonist and the driving drums, this band delivers an unforgettable musical experience that will get your party roaring with excitement. Get ready to let loose and party like never before.

Leather Package

5 Piece Band 
Enhance your party experience with the addition of a dynamic five-piece band. The band will play a variety of music that is likely to get your guests moving on the dance floor. The lively atmosphere and musical entertainment they bring will add an extra layer of excitement to your celebration, elevating it to the next level.


Cashmere Package 

6  Piece Band  

Experience the ultimate in live music with our premium audio system and our crowd-pleasing 6-piece band. Ideal for any party or celebration, we will keep your guests on their feet with electrifying performances and a diverse range of music. Whether you prefer rock, funk, or anything in between, they will create unforgettable nights of non-stop dancing and entertainment. Don't miss out on the chance to bring your parties to life. 

Satin Package

3 Piece Band

A three to four piece band is the epitome of musical sophistication for an intimate gathering or cocktail party. The very essence of this ensemble is to set the tone for relaxed conversation and create an ambiance of elegance and charm. Whether it's the soothing sounds of a jazz trio or the upbeat rhythm of a pop quartet, a three to four piece band is a perfect representation of the art of music, elevating any occasion to a level of sophistication and refinement that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Choose your instruments wisely and let the magic unfold.

Add ons
  • Ceremony

  • Cocktails

  • Dance Floor Lighting.  

  • MC

Make it Your Own

Big or small, formal or informal, NBV offers Customizable packages to perfectly fit the size and style of every event. Choose from a soloist, up to a six-piece band, and any size in between. Let’s Make Your Vision come to life!

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